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At a glance

I am pleased, that you are interested in our training. It would certainly be best to give me a call before you come to a training, so we can figure out which schedule would suit you best. Of course you are also very welcome to spontaneously pop into our scheduled classes simply for trying out.

Timetable Düsseldorf:

Kids Training Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5pm-6:30pm

Self-defence women 9:30am – 11:00am
Adults – first group 6:30pm- 8pm
Adults – second group 8pm-9:30pm

Women’s boxing 6:30pm-8pm

Self-defence women 9:30am – 11:00pm
Adults – first group 6:30pm- 8pm
Adults – second group 8pm-9:30pm

Women’s boxing 6:30pm-8pm

Self-defence women 9:30am – 11:00am
Adults – first group 6:30pm- 8pm
Adults – second group 8pm-9:30pm

  • Training before 5pm is also possible after consultation!
    Feel free to call us to arrange an appointment: 01577 – 2563390

What is so spezial about my training concept?

As a several times boxing champion I train with an elaborate concept, which, as such, is unique in Düsseldorf and its surroundings. This is not just about simple power, but also involves improving the connection between body and mind. Boxing is more than just sports, it is a philosophy. This is also what I am trying to teach to all my students at Rafik Sports.

First the technique, then everything else

During the first sessions you will learn the basic classical boxing techniques before we start with the proper training.


Group Training: 70€ per month (3-months plan) OR 55€ per month (12-months plan), NO processing fee / NO period of notice
Personal Training: 90€ (+19% VAT) á 90 minutes / tickets of ten 700€ (+19% VAT)
Children’s classes: 40€ per month, NO processing fee
We have no binding contracts! Training may be terminated anytime.
Please ask us for a customized tarif.


At Rafik Sports you can get individual giftcards for everything we offer (Group sessions, Personal Training, equipment training etc.) Please feel free to ask us anytime! Your Rafik Sports Team


Umkleide & Duschen

Selbstverständlich haben wir für Euch saubere Duschen und Umkleiden, damit Ihr Euch vor oder nach dem Training frisch machen könnt.

Kraft & Fitness


Mach‘ Dein Krafttraining unter Beobachtung und Anleitung bei Rafik Sports!


Halte Dich zusätzlich fit mit unseren Fitnessgeräten wie Spinningrädern.


Wer schafft die meisten Klimmzüge?